On-Page SEO Techniques That’ll Boost Your Rankings

By | May 30, 2021

On-Page SEO Techniques That’ll Boost Your Rankings: In today’s time, a lot of people are earning a lot by making a blog website, but to earn good money from any blog website, it is very important to rank it in the search engine. If your blog post does not rank high in the search engine, then it does not get you traffic and when there is no traffic on your blog, you will not get a chance to earn good money through Google Adsense.

In order to rank any blog post it is very important to write SEO Friendly article, for this you need to take care of On Page SEO Techniques. If you write your blog post according to SEO, then this makes your post rank at the top of the search engine. If a post is ranked at the top of the search engine, then traffic will come and it will also earn well. On-Page SEO Techniques

If you also want to make your blog post on the top of the search engine rankings, then pay special attention to On Page SEO. Now a lot of people are not well aware about On Page SEO Techniques, that is why we have talked about 5 On Page SEO Techniques in this article. If you adopt these methods, then your blog post will be able to rank on the search engine very soon and you will be able to earn a lot.

  1. Repeat Important Keywords

Whenever you write an article, repeat the important keywords in it again and again. For example, if you are writing an essay on Mahatma Gandhi, then you must include the essay on Mahatma Gandhi, who was Mahatma Gandhi, contribution of Mahatma Gandhi, etc. and repeat it again and again.

 If you do this, then whoever searches these keywords on the search engine, then he sees this post of yours. If you repeat any keyword repeatedly in your article, then the search engine ranks your article top on those keywords. This gives you a lot of traffic.

  1. Add Internal Links To The Article

While writing any article, you must add an internal link of your own website to it. This is called Internal Links. You can add a link to another post in your blog to your article. In this way, if a person reads one of your articles, then due to internal linking, he can easily read other articles as well. This way your blog’s ranking increases. On-Page SEO Techniques

  1. Include Focus Keyword in Title And Meta Description

While writing any Post Title and Meta Description, you must include your focus keywords in it. For example, if you are writing an essay on Mahatma Gandhi and ‘Essay on Mahatma Gandhi’ is your Focus Keyword, then this Keyword must be in your Post Title and Meta Description. Apart from this, if you use any SEO Plugin, then write ‘Essay on Mahatma Gandhi’ in the option with Focus Keyword in it. Apart from this, you should write Focus Keyword in at least 5 to 6 places including sub-headings in your article.

  1. Make Sure To Put Focus Keyword In The First Paragraph And In The Sub-headings

If you are writing an article on a topic, then make sure to put the Focus Keywords related to it in the first paragraph of the article and also in the sub-headings. If you want to rank your article on more than one keyword, then make a separate Sub Heading for all keywords and use those keywords 5 to 6 places in the entire article. Not only this, you can put all those keywords in the first paragraph. You will get a lot of benefit from this.

  1. Must Use Header Tags

It is very important to use Header tags (Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3, etc.) in any article. If you use Header Tags in your article, then your article can be ranked as soon as possible. But note that you use only one Heading 1 in your article and you should insert the title of your post.

After this, use Heading 2, Heading 3 etc. in all the headings you insert. This allows the search engine to know what content is present in your article. Keep in mind that you include keywords in your headings because the search engine sees the Header Tags from the point of view of the keywords. If you put keywords in the header tags, then your article rank will be on the same keywords.