How To Transfer GoDaddy Domain To Another GoDaddy Account

By | September 21, 2021

How To Transfer GoDaddy Domain To Another GoDaddy Account – There is a need to transfer the domain from one account to another account on GoDaddy, when we register the domain from GoDaddy to two different Gmail accounts. But do you know that you can transfer all your GoDaddy domains in one account. In this article, we will talk about this topic.

In this post we will know how to transfer domains from one account to another. This will help you manage the domain on GoDaddy. You can manage domains purchased from different email IDs with the same email ID.

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How To Transfer GoDaddy Domain To Another GoDaddy Account

I am going to tell you in this article in a very simple way, you can easily follow the steps given below.

Step – 1

  • First of all, you go to the GoDaddy site and login with your login ID.
  • Then after that click on your name.

Step – 2

  • Tap on Visit my account.
  • Then after that click on Domain Settings.

Step – 3

After that you scroll down, and tap on “Transfer domain to another godaddy account” under Additional setting.

Step – 4

  • A popup window will open in front of you, if it does not open then click on “Account changes”.
  • Here you have to fill the information of the GoDaddy account on which you are transferring the domain. It is very simple step you can follow very easily.

Step – 5

  • You are transferring the domain to another GoDaddy account, so read the terms given here thoroughly.
  • After that you have to transfer the domain, then click on finish.
  • Now you will see the same message of “your request has been submitted change mein BTech few moments to take effect” under your name in the paid side. Now you can wait 2-3 minutes.

Step – 6

After that you have to go to the godaddy account on which you have transferred the domain, then go to manage domain.

  • Click on Domain
  • After that click on “pending account change” in the drop down menu
  • Then click on “incoming account change”.
  • Now click on the domain you transferred here.

Step – 7

After that, a popup page will open in front of you, after reading all the given conditions, click on OK.

  • After reading all the terms, tick all
  • Then tap on OK after that.

Now the message of successfully account change will appear in the right side. After a while you can see your godaddy account done, that your domain transfer will have been done. For proof, you should check the domain in your account in which you have moved the godaddy domain. In this way you can transfer godaddy domain to any other GoDaddy account.


I hope you liked this information, still if you have any question then definitely tell us in the comment box below. We will do our best to answer your every question.