How To Recover Deleted Photo From Phone?

By | September 19, 2020

How To Recover Deleted Photo From Phone? – Hello friends how are you all? I hope you all will healthy. Friends, today i bring a new information in front of you all. Today in this article we will tell you how can you recover deleted photos from your mobile phone , if you also want to recover deleted photos from your phone, then read the article till the last to get complete information.

Smartphone is a very important gadget for all of us. We all use smartphones for many purposes. There are many people who are very fond of taking photos on their smartphones. People save their old memories in this smartphone and always want to keep them safe, but friends smartphone is also a kind of gadget. Sometimes our photos are deleted from our smartphone due to some technical fault or due to some other reason.

 Friends, it is not just photos, it is our memories which we keep in our phones as photos. People are very sad when the photo is deleted and they think that there is a way that we can get our photo back.

Deleting photos from a smart phone is not a big deal. This is a common things and this can happen to anyone anytime, If you know this  how to recover deleted photos, then you will be able to easily bring back your deleted photos.

How Do Photos Get Deleted?

As we told you, photo deleted from a smartphone is a ordinary things. Sometimes due to some technical fault the photo is deleted from our phone or sometimes a small child takes our phone and accidentally deletes the photo or sometimes it happens that our phone is formatted and from it The photo gets deleted.

It is possible to get the photos back which they were deleted, a few days ago when the technology was not so much developed then people found it impossible but now you can get the deleted photos back with the help of  Google Play Store. 

There are many applications. There are some applications that really work, but there are some applications that do not work properly.

Today the application we will tell you about is a very reliable application. Using this application, you can bring your photo back in very easy way.

How To Recover Deleted Photo From Phone?

Come on friends, now we will not waste much time and tell you how you can bring back the deleted photo from your phone? We are going to told you simple steps below, you have to read all these steps carefully and follow them.

To get the deleted photo back, first you have to go to your phone’s Google Play Store.

In Google Play Store you have to search a application named diskdigar and download it.

Now you have to install this application in your phone and open it.

You will have a scan now option on your screen. You have to click on Scan Now option.

Now you will see that your phone will start scanning, it will take some time to scan.

After some time, now you will see that all the photos that were deleted from your phone will be visible on the screen. You will see a small box above the photo.

Whatever photo you want to recover, you have to click on the box above that photo and open it. Now you will see the option of recover by clicking on it you can recover the photo.

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Friends, you can easily recover your photo by following this small step


Friends, this information of today ends here. Today we told you how you can get back the deleted photo of your phone . We hope you like this information. Stay  with us for more similar information. Thanks a lot