How To Download Chat And Data From Facebook?

By | July 10, 2021

How To Download Chat And Data From Facebook? – How to take backup of data through Facebook? In today’s time, many people want to download the chat and data of their Facebook account and keep their backup saved in their smartphone or computer. By doing this, if your Facebook ID is closed for any reason, then the data and chats uploaded in it remain safe. Often big bloggers or big companies keep backing up their chats and data so that they can use it even after the Facebook ID is closed. That is why in this article we will tell you how to download Chat and Data from Facebook? How to take backup of data through Facebook?

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Downloading Chat and Data through Facebook is called Facebook Information Download. If your account has been blocked in Facebook and you are never able to do one in life, then Facebook gives the facility to download your information. You can download the blocked account information anytime within 90 days. After that you will not get this facility. But even in the active account, you can download your Chat and Data i.e. Facebook Information.

How To Download Your Chat And Data On Facebook?

If you want to download your Chat and Data on Facebook or want to download Facebook Information, then for this follow the step by step process given below. For your information, let us tell you that this information given by us will work in the main application of Facebook. We will inform you in the next article about the process of downloading chat and data through Facebook Lite application.

• First of all download the Facebook application on your Android smartphone.

• Then login to the Facebook application using your username and password.

• After this click on the side bar menu and there you will see the option of Settings and Privacy by scrolling down and click on it.

• After this, on the new page, you will see the youth Facebook Information written in one place. In this section, you will see Download Your Information written at the bottom, click on it.

• After this, a new page will open in front of you, in which you will be asked what data you want to download.

• If you want to download data of only photos and videos, then select on Photos and Videos for this.

• But if you want to download all the data like photos, videos, comments, chats, etc., then click on Select All written at the top for this.

• After selecting all these options, click on the Create File button.

• After this your request will reach Facebook and you can download this file after 24 hours and save it in your phone storage or computer storage and keep it forever.

Why is it important to back up Facebook data?

Backing up Facebook data is important because if for some reason your Facebook account gets blocked and you need all the chats and data immediately, then in such a situation the chats and data created by you are very useful for you. Because if your account is blocked by Facebook, then only after 24 hours you get the facility to download the information.