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By | October 12, 2020

How To Apply Passport Online – Hello friends how are you all?  I hope all of you will be healthy.  Friends, in this article today, we have brought a very important information for you.  In this article today, we will tell you how to get passports.  If you also want to know how to get passport and how to apply online to get passport, then read our article till last.

What Is A Passport?

Friends passport is a very important document given to us by the government, if you travel from one country to another, you need a passport. As we told you passport is a very sensitive document, hence no passport is simply provided to any citizen.

To make a passport, you have to go through a long process and get your verification done.  Before giving passport, the government does your complete verification that there is no criminal case and if there is no case against you, if you are found right in the investigation then you are given a passport.

There are many people in our country who are businessmen or students and they need to go out of country, but the foreign government gives them permission to come only when they have a passport.  Now you can understand how important is a passport .  Passports are used not only for going abroad but also in India to take advantage of many government schemes.  The passport also acts like our identity certificate.

Documents Required To Get Passport

Friends, if you too are thinking of going abroad or are planning to go out of country, then for this you will first have to get a passport for yourself because without a passport you cannot go out of country and you have to have the following documents to get a passport  mandatory.

  • Birth certificate / class 10 marksheet
  • Aadhar card / voter ID card / driving license
  • There is no criminal record certificate on you
  • Bank passbook / residence certificate
  • So friends, this is some document you will need to make a passport.
  • Passport Charge

The government charges you 1500 rupees or ₹ 2000 for making a passport, only then your passport is provided to you.

How To Apply For Passport Online ? @

Come friends, now we bring you to the most important part of our article, in which we will tell you the online process of making passports. Earlier people used to contact the brokers and spend more money but since the government started making online passports.  People can get passports made without the help of brokers. With this you can save your money.

If you want to get a passport, then you will have to follow the step below.

To get a passport, you have to apply online. To apply online, you have to go to the official website of Passport Department

Step To Apply Online

When you are in the homepage of this website, here you will see the option of Apply for New Registration.  You have to click on this option.

Now a registration form will open on the screen of your computer.  You have to fill all the information asked in this form carefully.

Now you have to select your passport type.  After filling everything you have to click on registration .

Now a verification link will come on your email id.  You have to verify your account by clicking on this link.

You have been registered and you will be given your user ID and password.  Now you have to login on this website with the help of your user ID and password.

When you log in, you will see an application for New Passport option on this screen. You have to click on this option.

Now a box will open in front of you.  In this box you have to select your state and your district and click on the Next button.

In the next page you will have to select your passport type.  In this page you will be asked if you want a passport urgent.  If you want a passport urgent, click on it or else click Next.

Now you will have the option to select the number from the booklet, you can select any number up to 60 numbers.

Now a form will open in front of you.  This time the form will ask you your personal information.  You have to fill your information carefully and click on the Next button.

In the next page, you will have to write your personal family details and permanent address.

Now you have to upload your photo and signature and click on Next button.

Now this is the last step of your passport online application, now you have to click on self-declaration and submit the form final.

Now the department will check your application and if your information is found correct and you pass the verification then you will be given your passport.  .


Friends, this information ends here today.  Today, let us tell you how to get passport and how to apply online for getting passport.  We hope you liked this information. If you want to get information in this way, then read our article daily.  Thanks a lot