What Is The Mean Of Red Blue Green Yellow Line In Google Map

By | January 22, 2021

What Is The Mean Of Red Blue Green Yellow Line In Google Map – Hello friends how are you all?  Hope you are all healthy.  I once again welcome all of you to our brand new article.  Friends, today we are going to give you information on a very important subject in this article.  Friends, today we will tell you in our article what is the meaning of red blue green yellow line in Google map?  So friends, if you also want to know what is the meaning of red green green yellow line in Google map then read our article till the last.

 As you all know, the world is progressing day by day.  Today many impossible tasks are possible due to science.  Friends, there was a time when if we had to go somewhere and we did not know the address there, then we could not reach that place.  But friends, today is such a time that you can go anywhere in any corner of this world because you are in Google.  

Today, Google Map has become a platform that we all use.  If there is no Google Map, then many people will be left unfinished because in today’s time, when people go to visit somewhere outside their home or go to some unknown place, then they go with the help of Google Map.

 Friends, if you use Google Map, then you must have noticed that whenever you open your Google Map, you see red blue green yellow line on Google Map.  Have you ever thought what is this red blue green yellow line?  You must have thought, but you would not have got the answer because it is never given the right information about it.  Many people have commented to us and asked what these lines mean in Google Maps.  So today in this article we will explain you about these lines in detail.

 What Is Google Map?

 Friends, before we explain to you the meaning of red yellow green blue line in Google Map, first of all you should know what is Google Map?  Friends Google Map is an online application developed by Google.  This application has a satellite image of the routes of the entire Earth.  Using this application you can go to any corner of this world, just you should have Google Map.  

You can track any route in Friends Google Map.  If you want to go somewhere by motorcycle car or by any means then you can go.  Google Map is a very reliable platform that is why people rely on Google Map and travel on their own by relying on Google Map.

 Red Line

 Friends, the red line in Google Maps indicates traffic.  Whenever we turn on the traffic option in our Google map, we see blue line all the way.  You see a red line somewhere in the middle of those blue lines.  where there is a red line, it means that there are too many cars at that place or you can understand that the red line is a traffic location.  If you are going somewhere and you have redirected the red line by Google, then change your route because you may be stuck in traffic ahead.

 Blue Line

 Friends, whenever we go to roam somewhere and we do not know the way there, we track the location and search the way from our location to the location where we want to go.  When we do this process, we see a blue line in the middle of the location from which we have to go.  This blue line means that this path is perfectly straight and simple.  If we explain to you in simple language, then this blue line tells you the address of the place where you want to go.

 Green Line

 The green line also appears in the Google map.  When you open Google Map, you will see a greenline there, friends, this greenline indicates that the path is completely empty.  The place where you can see the greenline means that you can go from that place, you will reach early because all the vehicles running there are running at a speed of fifty kilometers per hour.  If told in simple language, the green line is used to indicate the empty route.

 Yellow Line

 As you all know, there are many national highways in our country.  All the national highways in the country are shown through the yellow line in Google Maps.  When you open the Google map, all the yellow lines you see there show the national highway.


 So friends this was a little information for you.  Today’s information ends here.  Today in this article, you have told yourself what is the meaning of red blue yellow green line in Google map.  We hope you like this information.  We keep bringing new information on many topics for you.  If you want information on any other subject, then let us know by commenting.  Thank you very much for your valuable time.  Good Day