What Is Chrome Web Store? –  How To Add Extensions

By | October 27, 2020

What Is Chrome Web Store?– Hello friends how are you all?  Hope you are all healthy.  Friends, today we have again brought you information on a very important subject.  In today’s article, we will give you information about Chrome Web Store.  Friends, if you are still ignorant of Chrome Web Store and do not know about Chrome Web Store then do not need to worry because after reading today’s article you will know everything about Chrome Web Store and take advantage of it. 

 Friends, we asked a lot of people about the Chrome Web Store but they did not respond to the set.  From this it appears that people do not know about the Chrome Web Store.  Because of which people are not able to take advantage of it.  In the name of Chrome Web Store, people only know Chrome and we only know that in Chrome we can search anything but they do not know anything about Chrome Web Store.

 What Is Chrome Web Store?

 Friends, if you have a smartphone then your phone will definitely have Chrome.  Whenever you need information on a subject, you search in Chrome and you get information about it, but friends do you know that Chrome is not only useful for giving information but also has many other things 

 People consider Chrome as just a search engine but it also works as an application store.  Yes friends, you can use any application or software of your choice with the help of Chrome Web Store without downloading it.  We explain it to you by an example.

 Guys suppose you have to take a screenshot of your computer screen, now you will install a software from the internet to take a screenshot and take a screenshot with the help of that software.  But friends, if you use Chrome Web Store, then you can add the extension of screenshot from Direct Chrome to your Chrome and take screenshots without downloading any software.

 Let us explain you by another example. Suppose you have to download a video from the Internet, now you will need a third party application to download the video.  But if you use Chrome Web Store, then you can easily download videos by adding an extension to Google from Chrome Web Store and for this you will not need to download any application.

 Let us now explain to you in simple language that the Chrome Web Store is a store in which many applications and software are present and you can use this software of your choice and any application you need.  Just to use it, you have to add the extension of that application or software to your browser.

 How To Add Extensions From Chrome Web Store?

 Friends, as we told you, you can use any application or software from Chrome Web Store without downloading it.  Just for this you have to add it to your extension. The process of which is explained below.

 To add extensions to the Chrome Web Store, you first have to open your Chrome Web Store.  After opening the Chrome Web Store, you have to search for the function that you want to use.

 Now you will see many extensions.  You can select any extension you like.  To select you have to click above that extension and click on Add to Chrome.

 Now you will have a popup message show on your screen.  In this message you will see an option of Add to Chrome on which you have to click.

 Soon after clicking this option, your extension will be added to your Chrome and you can use it.

 So friends, you can add any extension to your group by following the steps mentioned by us and use it. You will not need to download any application for this.

 Friends, this article will prove to be very important for those who use Chrome . because in today’s article, we gave you an information about which all of you were ignorant.  Today we told you about Chrome Web Store in this article, using which you can use any application which is software without downloading it into your system.

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 Friends, this information ends here today.  Today we told you the process of adding Chrome Web Extension to Chrome and gave information about Chrome Web Store.  We hope you like this information.  If you want to get more similar information, then read our article daily.  Thanks a lot.