How to use Google Drive?

By | July 11, 2020

How to use Google Drive : Friends, if you also want to take advantage of this using Drive, then for this you will first have to create an account in Google, after creating an account in Google, you will have to sign up in it as soon as you sign up, you are absolutely ready for your To store the data in the drive, all you need to do is search in your browser. As soon as this is true, Google will automatically open the drive in front of you. Whatever file or folder you store, you will see it in it. Will give

How to use Google Drive

How to use Google Drive?

There are many parts of Drive, when you open Drive, then you will have many options open in front of you, which is also you should know about them.

My drive: As soon as you click on My Drive, you will see all the files that I have uploaded in my Google Drive.

My computer: When you touch on the My Computer option, a sync option will appear in front of you. This allows you to see what your computer is syncing.

Shared with me: You can share all the files with Drive, where you can easily see them all.

Friends, this is an option in which you can view those documents or photos that you have saved offline.

Backups: Through friends breakup, you can see the files document that you have backed up.

Trash: Here you will see all the file photos that you have deleted from your Drive account.

Recent: Here you can see all the files and photos that have been used within a short time.

Starred: Under this option, you are given the facility that some documents which are very important for you, you can put a star on them, all those which have a star on the document or file will be seen here.